Toscano I.G.P.

Extra virgin olive oil TOSCANO I.G.P.

Production area: Venturina Terme, Loc. Palmentello 50 mt. a.s.l.

Olive groves: 20/25 years old olive trees on a flat area

Cultivar: Frantoio 50%, Moraiolo 20%, Leccino 30%

Harvest period: From 15th to 30th October

Appearance: Yellow with green reflections

Aroma: Fruity with vegetable notes

For the palate: Medium-light acidity and well pronounced spicy notes, with hints of ripe olives and sweet almonds

Pairings: Dishes such as roast rabbit, marinated amberjack, roasted turbot, char-grilled cuttlefish, barley salads, and shellfish dishes

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