Oil is part of us, and has been a part of our family history for 4 generations now. Started by grandpa Ermelindo in 1925.

Ermelindo loved his land and the fruits that it was able to produce at the time. The olive groves formed part of the Tuscan landscape, with their twisted trunks, aged by the years. Leafy trees under which he would have lunch during the summer with the whole family, plants that accompanied the festivities and gave, at the time, one of the most important fruits for eating: yes, olives. Already eaten in many different ways at the time and, most importantly, reaped for their oil: a fundamental element for cooking and seasoning all the typical dishes of the so-called Mediterranean cuisine.

Ancient olive trees need to be cared for and pruned with skill because every year, the trees can return to produce their fruits
A generation of grown men thanks to an excellent olive oil, men who assist the growth of still so many children...


We are located in Maremma, a hilly area overlooking the sea, very close to Bolgheri.

Our area is very fortunate in terms of its climate, thanks to the soil type, the sun and influence of the winds.

The olive groves can benefit from the thermal waters that flow underground. This is the secret to the taste of our oil, which is obtained from exquisite, tasty olives.
An area appreciated worldwide for its wines, climate, the beauty of the rolling hills decorated with centuries-old olive groves which are capable of producing a noteworthy extra virgin olive oil.

Yet, we are not satisfied and, year after year, we have decided to respect our area even more; that’s why the extra virgin olive oil Biologico il Bottaccio is so good.
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