The varieties cultivated are typically Tuscan: Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino and Moraiolo and are used in equal measure to give the oil an intense flavour and a full body. This extra virgin oil is green and fruity, which shows that healthy olives have been harvested at the right stage of ripeness. It has fascinating sensations of grass and artichoke combined with pleasant notes of bitterness and spice.



The oil that is produced from this variety is known to have a neutral taste, with a minimal aroma. In most cases the olive tree from which the "Leccino" is harvested is known to be fresh and to have a taste which is rather bitter and slightly fruity and also has a touch of spice.
The oil from the Moraiolo variety has a full flavour, it is harmonious and of medium-intense fruitiness, with a good component of bitterness and spicy scents of artichoke and tomato. It is strong, tasty and elegant at the same time.



The oil has a light fruity, sweet and elegant flavour and is mixed with oil from the Moraiolo to give this latter more elegance, making it less harsh, less spicy and more adaptable.
The scent of the oil from the Pendolino is unmistakably reminiscent of bitter almonds; this is then felt in the mouth, confirming that this note is probably linked to the variety. As well as being sweet, the oil from the Pendolino is noted for its piquant effect on the throat, which is decided and persistent.
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