Artichokes in extra virgin olive oil

Artichokes in extra virgin olive oilIngredients:

White wine
White wine vinegar
Chili pepper


Clean the artichokes (excellent ones of the Val di Cornia !!!) remove the outer leaves, dip them quickly in water acidulated with lemon, then plunge for 5 minutes in a pot with a liter of white wine and a liter of white wine vinegar to a boil, three spoons of salt and pepper to taste

Drain and dry the artichokes in a clean tea towel.

Put a bay leaf in a sterilized glass jar, add a few grains of pepper and a few bits of chili.
Enter the artichokes and fill the jars adding favorite flavors, pepper, chili and / or parts or pieces of garlic.
Pour both extra virgin olive oil to fill the jars and set them aside for about ten minutes. So, fill the jars with another Extra virgin olive oil so that the artichokes will remain covered.
Close the jars with caps and wait two weeks.

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